Ken's Paint-Free Tables!

Ken's Paint-Free Tables!

Now, I'm pretty low-tech as far as 3d printing goes. I use consumer model printers and I never get too fancy with my methods (mostly because I'm a secret troglodyte) but I've glanced a few times at some of these fancy machines that can feed multiple spools for multi-color prints.

I'm a little ashamed to admit I haven't really thought much about how this tech could be used for Hextech until Ken Kruis sent me these pictures of his amazing setup!

To my knowledge, there's no paint at work on any of these tables! By using a multi-filament printer, Ken has been able to take multiple Hextech and Techscape sets and create a good looking hexless tabletop by just setting a few parameters and stepping away from his machine!


Making use of neoprene mats and rivers, these tables include files from Hextech's Trinity City and Power Complex, the Techscape Efficient Downtown, the Concrete Jungle road set, the Techscape Combat Logistics Base, and even the Borealis Dropship!


These tables have me taking a second look at those fancy printers from companies like Bambu, if just for the sake of getting things like roads printed and on the table, looking good with a minimal time and effort investment.

Fantastic work, and thank you for sharing these images Ken! I look forward to seeing your collection continue to grow!

If you've got a Hextech board you want to share, make sure you hop on the Thunderhead Studio Discord, or email photos to and tell me a little bit about your experience with Hextech or Techscape terrain!
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