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TECHSCAPE: Efficient Downtown (Free)

TECHSCAPE: Efficient Downtown (Free)

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The TECHSCAPE Free Efficient Downtown (6mm) bundle contains 15 different 6mm scale city structures of both residential and industrial design, intended to be compatible with 6mm scale tabletop games such as Battletech, Adeptus Titanicus, and more!

These files are made available for free as a thank you to the tabletop gaming community, and intended to help new inductees to the exciting world of 6mm wargaming get their table up to snuff quickly and painlessly.

Each of the included structures features an internal storage space and slide-locking roof pieces ideally sized to store game components such as dice, tokens, measuring tape, or even other terrain pieces!

The set pairs ideally with the Techscape Concrete Jungle for creating a fully immersive urban environment!
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