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Thunderhead Studio

TECHSCAPE: Concrete Jungle (6mm)

TECHSCAPE: Concrete Jungle (6mm)

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The Techscape Concrete Jungle is a modular city infrastructure system for laying out a series of roads and city blocks on your 6mm urban tabletop.

Consisting of a series of two and four lane surface roads and a raised six lane highway system, the lengths and angles of the included pieces integrate with the City Blocks to provide a foundation for your city structures.

The perfect companion for the HEXTECH - Trinity City Universal structures to create a tabletop of towering structures and clustered towers.

Files Included:

(Bundle includes all listed files)

  • City Streets
    • Two Lanes
      • Straight Full, Half, and 3/4 Length
      • 90 Degree Corner
      • Intersection, T and X
      • Inline Parking Lot
      • Dead End
    • Four Lanes
      • Straight Full and Half Length
      • 90 Degree Corner
      • 60 Degree Curve
      • Intersection, T and X
      • Straight with Bus Stop
      • Parking Lot End
      • Tunnel Entrance End
    • Two/Four Lane Transitions
      • Straight Transition
      • T Intersection
      • X Intersection
  • City Blocks
    • Block Center Tile
    • Block Corner Tile
    • Block Edge Tile
    • Block Edge w/ Four Lane Tunnel Entrance
    • Trinity Plaza w/ Four Lane Y Split
  • Flyover Highway
    • Highway Ramp (Multi-part assembly)
    • Highway Straight Section (Two Part)
    • Highway 60 Degree Curved Section (Two Part)
    • Highway 45 Degree Curved Section
    • Highway Table End
    • Highway Support Strut
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