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Thunderhead Studio

TECHSCAPE: Combat Logistics Base (6-12mm)

TECHSCAPE: Combat Logistics Base (6-12mm)

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In the churn of interstellar warfare, the forces who succeed are those who respect the value of their supply lines and ensure their maintenance. With multiple larger facilities to provide manufacturing and refining machinery, storage and distributions facilities, personnel housing and a reactor complex powerful enough to keep the wheels of industry turning, the Combat Logistics Base is both a valuable resource and a tempting target, in equal measure.

Developed in collaboration with White Light Media, this terrain is ideally suited to the aesthetics and gameplay of their completely 3d printable 12mm skirmish game Revelations Skirmish.

This terrain set is specifically designed to be usable at multiple scales, including both a 6mm and a 12mm scaled version of each file to be easily used for many of the most popular sci-fi mecha wargames including Battletech, Heavy Gear Blitz, Steel Rift, and more!

Files Included:

  • Large Multistructure (Upper and Lower parts can be exchanged for variety)
    • Multistructure A - Lower (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • Multistructure A - Upper (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • Multistructure B - Lower (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • Multistructure B - Upper (6mm and 12mm scale)
  • Reactor Complex
    • Fusion Reactor (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • Cooling Tower (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • Storage Silo (6mm and 12mm scale)
  • Hardened Facilities
    • Hardened Personnel Facility (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • Hazmat Storage (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • Anti-Walker Barrier Stowed (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • Anti-Walker Barrier Deployed (6mm and 12mm scale)
  • Supply Yard
    • Supply Depot (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • 6x Unique Cargo Container Stacks (6mm and 12mm scale)
    • Cargo Container Single (6mm and 12mm scale)
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