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TECHSCAPE - Modular Complex

TECHSCAPE - Modular Complex

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The TECHSCAPE Modular Complex is a versatile construction solution for your small scale battlefield. Designed to easily and quickly construct a series of interconnected blocks with swappable damaged and destroyed components, this set makes it fast and easy to define your firing lanes and shield your deployment areas for a competitive and tactically interesting battlefield!

Designed to be forward compatible with additional components and styles, the Modular Complex is an easy set to continue building on and reconfigure for an endless number of battlefield options!

Variants Include:

RESIDENTIAL - Near future/cyberpunk style high density residential blocks.

- Standard Residential Block

- 2x Collapsed Residential Blocks

- 3x Broken Residential Blocks

- Connectors in straight, X, Y, T, L, and end cap variants

ARMORED - Futuristic military/industrial facility with an armored outer surface. (COMING SOON)

GOTHIC - Anachronistic sci-fi hab blocks with a gothic/baroque architectural style (COMING SOON)

NOTE: This product consists of digitally downloaded files in the .STL format for home printing. Files are designed for FDM "Filament" printers, and are designed to print with no additional supports.

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