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TECHSCAPE CQC - 28mm - Terran Voidship

TECHSCAPE CQC - 28mm - Terran Voidship

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In the vast expanse of interstellar space, as powerful lasers and devastating torpedoes are exchanged in volleys, two ships close the distance and disgorge parties of fierce warriors to clash in the cramped passages and galleries of these fragile craft...

Techscape CQC is a terrain building system designed to simulate the cramped confines of Close Quarters Combat. Be it the space inside of a starship or the dank tunnels of the deep undercity, these files will enable you to build a customized, multi level battlespace with numerous gameplay-friendly features.

Designed to assemble quickly but robustly and optimized for FDM printing, while still being easy to disassemble and store, each component has multiple functions that will allow you to make endless combinations of doors and corners (That's where they get you).

This terrain system is designed to be compatible with Games Workshop's popular "Gallowdark" terrain set while adding both functionality and aesthetic diversity to your table.

Each wall file is included with three different, optional connection systems:
  1. Dovetail - A simple, secure mechanical connection that requires no additional parts.
  2. GW compatible - A three-tabbed system compatible with the tabbed connections on Games Workshop's "Gallowdark" terrain set.
  3. Magnetic - A tabbed and socketed system that utilizes magnets for construction but still provides secure final assembly for gameplay. (Utilizes 1/8"x1/16" or 2x3mm neodymium disc magnets)

Entire set is designed to print supportless on your FDM printer, with built-in supports that are easy to snap out and allow you to skip support settings during the slicing process.

Files Included:
  • Subfloor Foundations (Allow use of lighting/environmental effects beneath first level deck plating)
    • 1x1 Grid
    • 1x2 Grid
    • 2x2 Grid
  • Single Bulkhead (Four cosmetic options)
  • Double length Bulkhead (Four cosmetic options)
  • Bulkhead Corner (Three cosmetic options)
  • Bulkhead with Ducting Vent (With 2 unique vent covers)
  • Bulkhead with Generator Rotor Assembly (Optional two-part Emergency Generator attachment)
  • Concrete Corridor Seal (Breachable wall with removable insert)
  • Bulkhead with Crew Hatchway
  • Bulkhead Corner with Crew Hatchway
  • Small Cargo Hatchway
  • Large Cargo Hatchway (Double doors)
  • Cargo Elevator
    • Elevator Side Open (With and without elevator carriage)
    • Elevator Side Closed (With and without elevator carriage)
    • Cargo Elevator Platform (Rests on carriages)
  • Raised Catwalks (7 unique modular pieces)
    • Straight Section
    • Straight Section with Hatch
    • T Intersection
    • Floating Section
    • Outside Corner Turn
    • Inside Corner Turn
    • Catwalk End
  • Maintenance Ducts (5 unique modular pieces, 3 unique vent covers)
    • Straight Section
    • Turn Section
    • End Section
    • X Intersection
    • T Intersection
  • Cosmetic and Mission Attachments for Columns:
    • Computer Terminal A
    • Computer Terminal B
    • Girder Brace (First level)
    • Girder Brace (Second level)
    • Security Sensor
    • Ladder
    • Pipeline
    • Fluid Buffer Tanks
    • Electrical Control Panel
    • Spacer Conduit
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