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Thunderhead Studio

TECHSCAPE: Cargo Yard (28mm)

TECHSCAPE: Cargo Yard (28mm)

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Techscape Terrain is carefully designed to provide a smooth, thematic, immersive and gameplay-friendly tabletop experience.

The modular gridded connection system in this set allows you to use the individual building blocks to create any arrangement of 3d terrain that will both hold its position during gameplay and also disassemble quickly and easily, while being durable enough to pack and haul without worrying about breaking fine components.

This Cargo Yard set includes numerous cargo containers you can use to build an industrial shipping yard, complete with crate and barrel barricades, a massive six-legged cargo hauler, and a flat bed heavy truck capable of integrating into the build grid. Modular crew decks and access ramps let your models move around the 3d space confident in their footing and in your measurements as everything is created in multiples of 3 inches per grid, perfect for games such as Mantic's Deadzone or Warhammer 40k Kill Team.


Files Included:

  • C.R.A.B. Cargo Crawler (Multi-part assembly)
  • Heavy Cargo Truck/Trailer (Multi-part assembly)
  • Cargo Container 1x1x1
  • Cargo Container 1x2x1
  • Cargo Cage 1x2x1 (Multi-part assembly, Multiple Cosmetic Options)
  • Cargo Cage 1x1x1 (Multi-part assembly, Multiple Cosmetic Options)
  • Cargo Cage 1x1x2 (Multi-part assembly, Multiple Cosmetic Options)
  • Crew Access Ramp
  • Crew Deckplate Surfaces (1x2, 1x3)
  • Support Columns (Single and double)
  • Scatter Crate and Barrel Barricades x8
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