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Sabbatine Reaver Main Battle Tank

Sabbatine Reaver Main Battle Tank

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The Sabbatine Reaver is a rough, primitive, mass producible vehicle intended for muddy fields of trenches, concertina wire and landmines, along with all the World War I inspired hardware it needs to survive in no-man’s-land.

Soon, her big sister, the Sabbatine Brigand will follow, along with an upgrade package of “Renegade” inspired bolt on components to make your Reaver a bit more… chaotic.

The Core Components package includes all of the files needed to field a battalion of Reavers, complete with modular weaponry and magnet-ready connection sockets. Details of which magnets you will need are included in an included readme pdf along with other assembly details.

These files have been pre-supported for resin printing and engineered to give you the most possible options and solid, robust construction for your tabletop.

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