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Thunderhead Studio

Miniature Bases - Trinity City Streets

Miniature Bases - Trinity City Streets

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From afar, Trinity City is a staggering vista of soaring glass and steel, monuments to success and human endeavor. However, the deeper you sink into the streets of the concrete beast, the more cracks begin to show in the glamorous facade.

Pitted asphalt, broken concrete and the rotting remnants of once great public works tell a very different story as violent gangs and militarized police fight for dominance street by street, leaving behind bulletholes and bloodstains as constant companions to daily life.

This style of base is the perfect accompaniment to your street gangers, police, agents and urchins for any setting from near-modern to dystopian future. Cracked concrete, pitted streets, broken bollards and damaged pedestrian textures provide an evocative environment for vicious street fighters and beleaguered law enforcement alike.

Files Included:

  • Round Lipped - 30mm - 26 unique base styles (Pre-supported and raw)
  • Round Beveled - 25mm - 25 unique base styles (Pre-supported and raw)
  • Round Beveled - 28mm - 20 unique base styles (Pre-supported and raw)
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