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Miniature Bases - Rank'n'Flank - Old Market Road

Miniature Bases - Rank'n'Flank - Old Market Road

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Even as the highways of civilization spread farther and wider, these old cobblestone roads remain vital through-ways connecting villages to cities, and providing vital arteries for moving forces and supplies for the war effort.

These Rank'n'flank style bases and stands are designed to be compatible with Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings by Para Bellum Wargames, with full magnet support and two different methods of linking your stands together into full regiments to easily move them around the field.

The visual design of these files is such that they have no contiguous details crossing base/stand lines which require a certain orientation to appear "correct" (Such as carved lines or items broken in two), which allows each base to be independently oriented without breaking the appearance of the environment.

These detailed files are designed with resin printing in mind, and include pre-supports that should be effective on most consumer resin printer models.

Files Included:

  • 4x Infantry sized stands
  • 16x Infantry sized model bases
  • 4x Cavalry/Brute sized stands
  • 4x Cavalry/Brute sized bases
  • 1x Monster sized stand
  • 1x Monster sized base
  • 1x Hero sized stand
  • 2x Hero sized bases
  • 2x Hero aesthetic detail options
  • 9x Hero upgrade details
  • 1x Magnetic Regiment Connector
  • 4x Regiment movement trays in different configurations
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