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Miniature Bases: Rocky Ground (Hex)

Miniature Bases: Rocky Ground (Hex)

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Rough, uneven, rocky ground has been the bane of combat vehicles since the advent of the wheel. Where rubber and treads fail, the massive articulated legs of combat mechs excel.

These hex bases measure 30mm flat-to-flat, ideal for 33mm (~1.25") hex gaming grids such as those used in Battletech and other popular wargames. 

Their detailed rocky textures are simple and easy to quickly paint to a good looking finish, and flat enough overall to easily affix miniatures with glue.

Each texture comes in both a 4mm "regular" thickness (Similar in thickness to official Battletech models) and a 2mm "low profile" thickness that provides more surface area on top that lowers the model closer to the play surface.

Each set includes 12 unique but similar textures to choose from.
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