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Thunderhead Studio

Miniature Bases - Hexed - Rimworld Colony

Miniature Bases - Hexed - Rimworld Colony

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On the fringes of civilization, industrial technology and nature clash as mankind expands their borders and pushes the boundaries of survival. Rimworld Colony combines textured industrial flooring, mechanical details, and a dusty natural environment to depict your models fighting over the ragged frontier of human space.

These hex bases measure 30mm flat-to-flat, ideal for 33mm (~1.25") hex gaming grids such as those used in Battletech and other popular wargames. 

Their detailed textures are simple and easy to quickly paint to a good looking finish, and flat enough overall to easily affix miniatures with glue.

Each texture comes in both a 4mm "regular" thickness (Similar in thickness to official Battletech models) and a 2mm "low profile" thickness that provides more surface area on top that lowers the model closer to the play surface.

This set includes 8 unique but similar textures to choose from.
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  • Pre-Supported

    All of my Resin specific paid files come pre-supported, but also include the raw STL files so you can custom support them if desired/needed.

    One person's pre-support won't always work on everyone's printers, so be sure to test a single file before you commit to printing an entire plate!

  • High Detail

    Intended for printing in UV Resin in DLP/SLA printers (Such as the Elegoo Mars series), these files are highly detailed in a way that may not come through if printed in PLA Filament.

  • Multiple Formats

    All Thunderhead Studio miniature bases include optional voids for either magnets or flat steel washers to weight/magnetize your models.

    Optionally, the files include flat-bottomed versions for simplicity/durability.