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TECHSCAPE - 28mm - Crystal Badlands

TECHSCAPE - 28mm - Crystal Badlands

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Spreading like a virus, these rapidly forming crystalline structures emerge with such violence that the very ground buckles and ruptures. The dense mineral lattice creates a treacherous landscape of plateaus, walls, and cluster fields that provide shockingly effective cover to the forces who battle across it, desperate to seize control of the remaining untainted land beyond.

This Techscape terrain set is designed for maximum playability, creating an easily diversified arrangement of line of sight blocking spires and walls, cover-granting low rifts and area terrain fields, and large glaciers with elevations rising in one inch increments, so you never have to measure or wonder about vertical movement during gameplay.

As with other Techscape sets, the Crystal Badlands are designed to print supportless on Ender 3 equivalent FDM style printers, with chunky details that are incredibly friendly to paint through the use of automotive filler primers to conceal print lines without having to resort to tedious sanding or smoothing.

Files Included:
  • 5x Crystal Glaciers
  • 1x Large Crystal Glacier (Two glaciers connected by removable bridge piece)
  • 2x Tall Crystal Rifts
  • 4x Short Crystal Rifts
  • 4x Crystal Spires
  • 11x Small Crystal Clusters
  • 4x Crystal Cluster Fields (Area terrain)
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