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Thunderhead Studio

Conversion Bits - Battletech Compatible - Locust

Conversion Bits - Battletech Compatible - Locust

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These conversion bits are intended to be compatible with the new plastic Battletech models from Catalyst game labs to create mech variants which are not yet available for purchase.

All of these pieces are made available free of charge, and are intended for personal use in accordance with the standard user licensing agreement. Any commercial use or resale is prohibited.
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  • Pre-Supported

    All of my Resin specific paid files come pre-supported, but also include the raw STL files so you can custom support them if desired/needed.

    One person's pre-support won't always work on everyone's printers, so be sure to test a single file before you commit to printing an entire plate!

  • High Detail

    Intended for printing in UV Resin in DLP/SLA printers (Such as the Elegoo Mars series), these files are highly detailed in a way that may not come through if printed in PLA Filament.

  • Multiple Formats

    All Thunderhead Studio miniature bases include optional voids for either magnets or flat steel washers to weight/magnetize your models.

    Optionally, the files include flat-bottomed versions for simplicity/durability.