HEXTECH Wave Two Release Sale!

HEXTECH Wave Two Release Sale!

TL;DR - "A Game of Armored Combat" compatible Hex Hill bundle and Trinity City - Urban Development Expansion are 40% off until Sept 2nd, and then are going into the STL vault!
The reception of HEXTECH's Wave One pre-painted resin release has been incredibly humbling! As many of you know, this terrain is a passion project of mine, and it's my great pleasure to bring it to you regardless, but it has been SELLING OUT from coast to coast!
Well, we've heard you! The first restock order of Wave One should be arriving in stores in the immediate future, and WAVE TWO is not far behind!

A series of additional structures to add to your Trinity City board and (what everyone has been asking for) Atlean Steppes Hex Hills Vol 1 along with our popular four-lane highway system will be releasing on SEPTEMBER 2nd!
While the road system STLs will remain on sale for the duration of this run, the rest of these files are going into the vault, so now is your last chance to get them until the Wave Two restocks end!
From now until September 2nd, Trinity City's Urban Development Expansion and the "A Game of Armored Combat" compatible Hex Hill bundle will be 40% off, and then NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR NEW PURCHASES!

If you have purchased these items previously, or order them before the 2nd, you will retain the ability to download these files. I can't give an exact date when they will be available again, but it'll likely be until at least February 2024.
This discount is cumulative with any loyalty or reward point discounts you've accrued, so there's never been a better time to expand your HEXTECH library!
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