Have Cargo? Get C.R.A.B.s for Black Friday!

Have Cargo? Get C.R.A.B.s for Black Friday!

We're rolling up on the celebration of mindless commerce known as Black Friday, and I'd feel remiss if I didn't bring y'all something interesting for the occasion.

You might recognize the CRAB (Formerly titled Belostro) cargo crawler, one of my favorite FDM-friendly pieces of scatter terrain in the form of an industrial cargo mech. Well, it's getting a full overhaul (along with the rest of the TECHSCAPE Cargo Yard)!

The Cargo Yard and its associated simple grid-based construction system has rapidly become one of my personal favorite terrain sets for how simple, quick, and easy it is to build a HUGE variety of different 28mm boards with a single set of terrain, but after playing with it a number of times I started to develop a series of little nitpicks I've decided to address.

So, this upcoming Black Friday, in addition to a site-wide discount on .STLs, I'll be delivering a Mk II Update to the ENTIRE Cargo Yard set. Those of you who already own these files will receive the Mk II set as a free update! Improvements include:

  • A full cosmetic overhaul on virtually every component, making small improvements to paintability, appearance, and scaling.
  • Overhauled supportless features to improve print quality.
  • Built-in supports where necessary, so you can throw all of these files directly into your slicer.
  • Increased mechanical durability for the cargo truck and cargo crawler, greatly increasing the durability of each once assembled (Seriously these things can take a lot of punishment now)
  • Forward compatibility features.
I'll have a few more updates and several new releases ramping up to Black Friday, so keep an eye out!
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