So Long 2023 and Welcome the Tank!

So Long 2023 and Welcome the Tank!

The Sabbatine Reaver Main Battle Tank is ready for your Battlescape right before we say so long to 2023 with a SALE!

Brand new from Thunderhead Studio's TECHSCAPE line comes the pre-supported 28mm compatible tank for your human (and inhuman) forces. The Sabbatine is magnet ready with 7 main guns and various other attachments to customize to your liking!

Been thinking about grabbing some files for your BattleTech, 40k, Deadzone, or Conquest table? As my thanks to you for making 2023 such a fantastic year, enter code "SoLong2023" at checkout to get 20% off any orders placed for digital products at from now until January 1, 2024!

There'll be more files dropping between now and the Holidays, so keep your ear to the ground and have a happy holiday season!

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