Black Friday Sale with All the Updates!

Black Friday Sale with All the Updates!

Just in time for our Black Friday Sale, the TECHSCAPE Cargo Yard is getting an overhaul!

Starting tomorrow and running through Monday, you will automatically receive a 15% discount to any orders placed at, so there's never been a better time to fill up that print queue! No need to enter a code, the discount is applied automatically!

Built to a simple and rugged 3" cubic system that allows you to build a HUGE variety of interesting and game-friendly battlespaces without a ton of fiddly pieces to handle, this set has rapidly become one of my own favorites to use. So much so that, once I noticed a few weaknesses, I had to go back and correct them!

In addition to increasing the quality of the superficial details on many pieces, I've completely rebuilt the multi-part cargo truck and cargo crawlers, ensuring they are rugged enough to survive the rigors of hauling terrain to the FLGS or convention haul. Tough enough to dump into a plastic tub along with the rest of the set!

Anyone who has already purchased this set will receive this update FREE of charge!

Happy Thanksgiving folks, and I wish you a productive and fun season of winter printing and tabletop gaming!

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