From the Philippines

From the Philippines

Gian Carlo Jubela on Facebook writes: 

Hello! My name is Gian, and I'm the administrator of our small, humble Battletech community here on the sunny island of Cebu, Philippines.

I became an instant fan of Thunderhead Studio's Hextech series after I had some of your buildings printed by a local printer. Now, I'm building my version of Trinity City for our Battletech Cebu community. Picture below shows a 3X4 battlefield.

I plan to add more Thunderhead Studio buildings so I could create a densely packed 4X6-foot city-scape battlefield. 🙂

Also, since our group is interested in playing One Page Rules, I'm saving up for the Cargo Yard set. 🙂

Printed by my friend Roe Tengco. 🙂

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