Brings All the Boys to the (Cargo) Yard!

Brings All the Boys to the (Cargo) Yard!

User Tameless submitted some amazing terrain pictures from the Cargo Yard set (getting an update just in time for Black Friday):


Tameless comments: "Awesome modular set! I love how the 1x2x1 cargo cages can fit one long object or two small ones. The set is flexible enough for any 28mm scale game since it's not plastered with game-specific symbols. Everything prints great for me on an Ender 3 v1 with a glass bed with PLA+. I added tree supports for the horizontal bars in the cages because I don't think I can handle a bridge that long, but it's a minor gripe. I've gone through two spools already and I'm excited to print more. I printed a few of the barricades with resin but it wasn't really worth it: they look just as good in PLA.

"Regarding painting, they are a pleasure to work on. The details are there, but it's still possible to knock them out pretty quickly. The deep grooves in the deckplates make it easy to do a rusty basecoat with a silver overbrush, and finally catch plenty of wash to add some darkness."



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