Chasing 2024

Chasing 2024

TL;DR - The stream is returning April 03, 2024. Time to get back on track for the rest of the year!

Howdy howdy howdy, Stormchasers!

Apologies for the near radio silence for the last few months. It's been a productive time on both the personal and professional fronts. Currently everything is ramping up toward AdeptiCon 2024 (which I will be at).

There's been a lot to get done and a lot to line up, with six full waves of new HEXTECH releases from Gale Force Nine now ready to go, which will be previewed at the GF9 AdeptiCon booth! In addition to the new HEXTECH releases, I've done a completely new line of terrain specifically for pre-painted physical production that will also be debuting at the convention!

I've been steadily digging my way out of the pile of projects that needed doing to prepare for said debut, and working on a few fresh things for digital release, to boot.

Now, given the ping what you're probably wondering is... when will Thunderhead stream again?! I've gone back and forth a few times on this subject, looking for a good time to hit the ground running.

As of now, I'm scheduling the first return stream for April 03, 2024, just after I return from AdeptiCon and just after my birthday.

You wonderful people have been exceedingly patient with my downtime from the stream, and I can't possibly express how much I appreciate that. On both a personal and professional level this time taken away from the camera has been helpful and necessary to stay ahead of projects and also to avoid burnout, which I was feeling in a big way around November of last year.

I know, I know, I can come off as a somewhat boisterous extrovert, but the sick truth is that at my core I'm a misanthropic introvert who needs to recharge the social and professional batteries from time to time.

I'll have more news and a few drops throughout the months of Feb and March leading up to the convention, so keep your ear to the ground and I'll see you in Chicago!

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