Too Many Projects (Send Help!)

Too Many Projects (Send Help!)

TL;DR - Updated free mech sculpts and brand new original mech sculpts available next week. Too many projects. Send help.

Holy moly, what have I done so far today? Well, no model painting, that's gonna have to wait because instead I...

- Cleared out space to set up my new Saturn 3 and my Mercury XS wash and cure stations

- Installed back lights for streaming more permanently

- Revised files for 4 structures for an upcoming terrain set for the new 8mm [GAME NAME REDACTED]

- Got about 50% of the way through adapting my Reaver tank to scale for [GAME NAME REDACTED]

- Started blocking out and detailing the legs for a Lucius pattern warhound titan, something I've been meaning to make for personal use for quite a while

- Reconfigured the legs from the popular "Recursor" dread for his somewhat more chaotic brethren.

- Continued the extremely tedious process of adjusting my old Dougram mech sculpts to their new multi-pose format.

- FINISHED these modifications for the Hasty/Thunderbolt and got a few variants put together for a photo.

Whew, it's lunch time.

Got a lot coming in the next week or so, folks. I've had a lot of questions about the "De-Seen" or "RetroTech" mech designs I've worked up, and I plan to release them for sale at the same time that I update the free file downloads for the updated Dougram sculpts.

The new multi-pose ball and socket joints make printing variants easier than ever, and parting out the delicate antennae into individual modules means no more wasted prints on antennae failures.

We'll also have news next week on which HEXTECH designs will be rotating out on the site, and dates on when the Trinity City Core will return in its full glory!

... oh yeah and I still need to find time to paint, which will likely coincide with the return of the Twitch stream. Wish me luck.

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