Onward and Upward

Onward and Upward

Welcome to Thunderhead Studio's new home! The site is a work in progress, as we are updating, repackaging, and relisting our entire (fairly extensive) catalog of tabletop gaming STLs, so please bear with us as we get things up to speed!

As part of this transition, I am taking the time to go over each file and bundle, address any outstanding issues, updates, or changes that I've wanted to make for some time, create new renders, make some QoL modifications, and improve everything Thunderhead Studio has to offer. Files will be added to the site as they are ready, so I expect the next month or so to have a lot of updates until everything is re-listed and we can get to work on new releases!

In addition to this new digital hosting space, there are several sources of physical Hextech and other THS products that are ramping up production, all of which will have information and sales linked to this site, so keep an eye out for announcements!

If you have been a customer in the past (Through Steel Warrior Studios or Cults3D) I am working on a system we can use to automatically update your new customer account with your old purchases.

New features and products coming soon:


  • Links to where you can purchase physical copies of Thunderhead Studio products
  • Expansions to the Hextech line including Drop Base Delta, Industrial Fluidworks and Power Complex, and much more.
  • Miniature bases, gaming accessories, and terrain with gameplay friendly features for a variety of tabletop wargames.
  • Community File hosting and table showcases.
  • Convention and tournament information where you can see our products in action.
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