More Purple More Better!

More Purple More Better!

In anticipation of the YEAR of announcements and releases coming from Thunderhead Studio (and Gale Force Nine), we decided to give the website and store a little purple facelift!

So what can we tell you about 2024? Here are a few hints and teasers:

  • More HEXTECH! Wave 3 and beyond will see more terrain available from Gale Force 9. You will want to be at AdeptiCon to see and touch previews!
  • More products! Thunderhead has spent the holiday break chained to his desk (he is fed once a day, no worries) slaving away at new robots, tanks, and a HUGE surprise.
  • Physical fulfillment! You will be able to order physical products directly from the store, one shop for your STL and printed needs!
  • Convention appearances! Thunderhead Studio will be at more conventions this year, starting with AdeptiCon and also more support for demo team Focht's Network appearances!
  • Streamiversary! 4 years of streaming on Twitch is coming up and we will be back to regular streams soon!
  • More sneak peaks! Go behind the curtain of the Halls of Justice and see what we are working on!

There are plans in the works for the next 8 months! And there are sales to go along with it! Thanks for being with us on this wild ride, there is so much more to come!

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