AdeptiCon HEXTECH Reveals

AdeptiCon HEXTECH Reveals

(Thunderhead's preamble about AdeptiCon here.)

The first big relevant details for Thunderhead Studio this year... Hextech Wave Three has launched, with Waves 4-7 previewed at the Gale Force Nine booth as follows:

Trinity City Megablock
Trinity City Tri-Tower
Trinity City Binary Towers (including multiple footbridges and magnets)
Atlean Steppes Vol 2

Wave 4 (Available May 2024)
HEXTECH Double-Sided neoprene hex mats, two variants designed to work together (More news and details on these soon, you're gonna love em)

Wave 5 (Available June 2024)
Deciduous Woods, Light & Heavy (With baseplates and magnets)
Rough Terrain
2 Lane Roads
2 Lane Road Accessories/Extensions

Wave 6 (Available August 2024)
Drop Base Delta (Big box, structures and walls, enough for a large base)
Drop Base Delta Walls (Fully redesigned Mk IV version of the classic Hextech Facility Walls)
Drop Base Delta Energy Walls (Wall sections utilizing acrylic sheets to create "energy walls" for covering large areas without breaking the bank)

Wave 7 (Available September 2024)
Drop Base Delta Industrial Buildings
Drop Base Delta Power Station
Drop Base Delta Maintenance Bays
Drop Base Delta Personnel Buildings

Wave 8 (Available Oct/Nov 2024)
Super top secret. Okay it's not, but we've got it worked out we're just not telling you yet. Neener neener.

We will be posting pictures and information on all of these, and please feel free to inquire for more details!

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