Focht's Network at Anime North '23

Focht's Network at Anime North '23

Another table spotlight for you, HexFans!

The mechwarriors at Focht's Network absolutely killed it at Anime North '23 up in Toronto last month! What an absolutely incredible display!
Looks like plenty of curious new fans were drawn in by this colorful and engaging scenario they laid out, with pilots jumping into the game to help defend a VIP shuttle long enough to escape the rampaging of local megafauna kaiju!
Paul and the boys at Focht's are doing incredible work bringing Battletech to the masses during this renaissance of the game we all love, and I'm proud to provide them with the hex terrain they need to carry the torch and remind people that hokey measurement systems and ancient tape measures are no match for a good hexgrid at your side.

Have a HexTech table you'd like to show off? Submit it to Battlescapes! I always love to feature the incredible builds from the community!

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