Clan Wolf vs. ComStar

Clan Wolf vs. ComStar

Phil Walling gives us his story and setup over on Facebook:

Clan Wolf Invasion Corridor
2 December 3051

Mechwarrior Ulmu pushed his Dire Wolf in amongst the low hills that lay before him. At his side Mechwarrior Storm gracefully guided her Puma. Scanning ahead they picked up 4 unidentified Mech signals.

“Looks like we have some Inner Sphere freeborn to play with Quiaff?” Ulmu spoke over his comm system.

“Aff”, replied Storm, “Should we issue a challenge?”

“I think we should, we outnumber them 2 to 4!” Laughed Ulmu.

At the other side of the hilly ground a Comstar patrol moved cautiously, looking for signs of any Clan invaders. They too registered unknown targets and advanced their Battlemechs to investigate. Suddenly their public comms burst into life.

“Unknown Inner Sphere mechs I am MechWarrior Ulmu of Clan Wolf, I challenge the MechWarrior who pilots the Flashman to a duel”

A second voice broke onto the net.

“I am MechWarrior Storm of Clan Wolf and I challenge the MechWarrior who pilots the Crab to a duel”

The pilots of the Comstar machines laughed “We accept and will show you about honour and your over confidence”

Battle was joined. To the Mechwarriors involved, inside their hot machines, the battle seemed to last for hours. Although in truth it was over in a matter of minutes.

Although damaged, the ComStar Battlemechs stood over their smouldering Clan Wolf opponents. Limbs and torsos of the Clan Wolf mechs littered the ground the metal creaking as it cooled.

MechWarriors Ulmu and Storm were taken as prisoners of war. Eventually they would suffer the dishonour of not only being beaten but traded back to their Clan.

Was this ComStar victory a sign of things to come?


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