CGL Grinder - Jack Hunter's Trinity City

CGL Grinder - Jack Hunter's Trinity City

Work continues on some exciting new hill and raised terrain over here that I'm excited to share with y'all soon... but in the meantime let's have a look at another gorgeous board, HexFans!

This time we have some pictures shared by the incredibly talented Jack Hunter of Goonhammer, who took his ambitious and inspiring Trinity City board to the CGL Grinder at Zulus Board Game Cafe last weekend!

This really is one of the most humbling projects I've gotten to watch come together, and several ideas Jack had himself are going to be integrated into Hextech terrain sets in the near future.

Jack has assembled his boards by planning out a city layout and permanently affixing a series of Trinity City streets and Hextech Universal bases, meaning that the boards can be transported easily and then the buildings quickly and easily swapped out and magnetized, so depending on the structures used this same board can play a variety of different ways!

I've seen what he's planning next, and it's even more mind blowing, so stay tuned!

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