Call to Action: Send Us Your HexTech Battlescapes!

Call to Action: Send Us Your HexTech Battlescapes!

These past few months have been a wonderful opportunity, as I transfer over to the new site, to revisit and update the files that got me started.

I dug up this old photo from the beginning of 2020 as I revisit and rebuild these specific file sets for re-release, and I'm humbled by how much has changed and the response that I've had from the community in general.

When I began this journey I had no intention of selling anything, but only of enhancing my own tabletop gaming experience. Regardless, you fine people have given me the opportunity to do so much more.

And so, I'm asking you to go down this road of remembrance with me, today.
I want to see what you've done with my oldest files, the Forward Base and River Commcenter sets.

Submit your glamor shots and a little bit about your experiences with Hextech so I can gather them together, and over the course of the next few weeks I'll feature them. We'll refine the list down to some finalists for best overall presentation, and the community will get to vote on their favorite!

Not just paint quality, but overall table presentation and additional context will be considered. Let's see some shots of games being played and hear about your experiences!

Everyone who submits will be awarded loyalty points on the new site which can be applied toward future purchases, and the overall winner will be awarded with some of the fancy new Delta Base or Industrial Fluidworks bundles from Death Ray Designs!

Thank all of you for bringing me into your lives and onto your tabletops, and I look forward to seeing what you've got!

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