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HEXTECH - Drop Base Delta - Personnel Prefab

HEXTECH - Drop Base Delta - Personnel Prefab

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 Drop Base Delta consists of a series of modular, pre-fabricated structures designed for rapid insertion and deployment in hostile environments.

This prefabricated multi-purpose structure is designed to support base personnel with both living quarters and recreational space, and can deploy a pair of mechanical "wings" in order to increase its functional area dramatically

All of the Drop Base Delta structures feature magnet-friendly connection points for a network of personnel corridors, allowing pilots and engineers to traverse the base even in hostile environmental conditions.

This bundle includes HEXTECH Universal features and Magnet Connections, read below for more information

Files Included:

  • Personnel Prefab Closed (Hexed and Universal Formats)
  • Personnel Prefab Open (Hexed and Universal Formats)
  • HEXTECH Universal hex bases for all above files

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    • FREE Sample Bundle

      Download and try the HEXTECH Free Sample Bundle to get a taste of the system before you buy.

      Check it out 
    • Easy-to-Print

      The entire HEXTECH line is specifically designed to print easily, and to fit on the most common consumer grade FDM printers.

      All pieces are tested on a 220x220mm print bed (Creality Ender 3, Elegoo Neptune 2 and equivalent models)

    • HEXTECH Universal

      The Universal base system was designed to give players the option of removing their terrain pieces from the HEXTECH base and using them in other gaming systems. Change formats on the fly without compromise!

    • Magnet Connections

      Many HEXTECH files include sockets intended to fit 3x2mm (1/8"x1/16") neodymium magnets, allowing for modular connections. Taking the time to fit magnets (always check the polarity) will make it fast and easy to change up your game board.