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HEXTECH - Aeroplex - Profligate Class Civilian Shuttle

HEXTECH - Aeroplex - Profligate Class Civilian Shuttle

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 The HEXTECH Aeroplex is a modular construction set designed to create a comprehensive and multi-purpose air or spaceport, including anything from a small pirate airstrip with subterranean storage to a civilian or commercial complex launching and receiving a series of civilian shuttles from orbit.

The Profligate-Class Civilian Shuttle is a cheap and reliable staple craft of the civilian passenger transport industry on most core worlds. A rugged, effective design that can easily mount a larger booster to reach escape velocity, the interior can be refitted easily to service any class of citizen from the bottom rung stuffed in like sardines to a more discerning class of aristocratic customer.

These files are specifically designed to cleanly print on FDM (Filament) style 3D Printers, and do not require a resin printer to populate your aeroplex with cover-granting craft.

This bundle includes HEXTECH Universal features and Magnet Connections, read below for more information

Files Included:

  • Civilian Shuttle
  • Civilian Shuttle w/ Orbital Booster Engine
  • Civilian Shuttle Fins
  • Civilian Shuttle Landing Gears

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    • FREE Sample Bundle

      Download and try the HEXTECH Free Sample Bundle to get a taste of the system before you buy.

      Check it out 
    • Easy-to-Print

      The entire HEXTECH line is specifically designed to print easily, and to fit on the most common consumer grade FDM printers.

      All pieces are tested on a 220x220mm print bed (Creality Ender 3, Elegoo Neptune 2 and equivalent models)

    • HEXTECH Universal

      The Universal base system was designed to give players the option of removing their terrain pieces from the HEXTECH base and using them in other gaming systems. Change formats on the fly without compromise!

    • Magnet Connections

      Many HEXTECH files include sockets intended to fit 3x2mm (1/8"x1/16") neodymium magnets, allowing for modular connections. Taking the time to fit magnets (always check the polarity) will make it fast and easy to change up your game board.