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Thunderhead Studio

Conversion Bits - Dark Space Knights - Screamers

Conversion Bits - Dark Space Knights - Screamers

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Considered reckless and insane even amongst the ranks of their dark brethren, the Screamers soar into battle on wings of fire, bellowing a deafening battle call from face-mounted vox systems as they descend into the ranks of their foes with devastating force.

These conversion parts are designed to add a unique flair to existing models from the popular Warhammer 40k range, with joints and attachment faces modeled to easily glue into place with minimal or no filling or modification.

This product is a digital download of .STL format files for home 3D printing, NOT a physical product!
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  • Pre-Supported

    All of my Resin specific paid files come pre-supported, but also include the raw STL files so you can custom support them if desired/needed.

    One person's pre-support won't always work on everyone's printers, so be sure to test a single file before you commit to printing an entire plate!

  • High Detail

    Intended for printing in UV Resin in DLP/SLA printers (Such as the Elegoo Mars series), these files are highly detailed in a way that may not come through if printed in PLA Filament.

  • Multiple Formats

    All Thunderhead Studio miniature bases include optional voids for either magnets or flat steel washers to weight/magnetize your models.

    Optionally, the files include flat-bottomed versions for simplicity/durability.