What is HEXTECH?

HEXTECH is a modular, gameplay-friendly terrain system designed for 6mm scale sci-fi wargames, such as BattleTech.

HEXTECH is designed to be as easy to use and unobtrusive as possible, making it possible to have a good looking tabletop experience that enhances gameplay, not to mention being friendly to newbie 3D printers and painters alike.

Where to Find HEXTECH

Gameplay Friendly Features

HEXTECH is designed from the ground up to enhance gameplay with a series of specialized features including:

  • Flat, stable positions for models to be placed on top surfaces.
  • Standardized elevations and subtle hex space markings, leaving no doubt which space your model occupies even during vertical movement.
  • Modular design with numerous expansions to build your table your way
  • Durable, easy to print, easy to paint. Designed to be strong enough to take to your FLGS or a convention and pack up at the end of the day.

Easy To Print

  • FREE Sample Bundle of basic files for you to test before you buy!
  • Optimized for FDM printing on the most common consumer models, with all footprints fitting within a 220x220mm print area.
  • Designed to be fast printing at .2mm layer height.
  • The vast majority of Hextech prints SUPPORT FREE. Supports only required where noted in included Read Me.
  • Details are optimized to be easy to quickly paint with only an application of filler primer, NO SANDING REQUIRED.